How is it used?

People often ask me how many blocks and sachet’s they need. This depends.

Are you a closet hoarder with clothing stacked up and in every drawer to the max, or a neat freak where everything has its place and all clothing has room to breathe? A further dilemma is how well maintained or old your home is. These are the major influencers in answering this question.

For most of us in-between these two extremes, a block per drawer, sachets in shoes and pockets of your expensive jackets, and some of our new product, closet hangers, will do. For the hoarders and those with old homes, more will be necessary.

You can happily use the blocks amongst your clothes as they will not stain, but please be careful when sanding/adding oil.

Leave the blocks and sachets for an hour or two so that the oil is absorbed first. I find that the best way to do this is to rub the oil over the block so absorbency is maximised over the surface.

There are many different ways in which you can make use of Cedarsquares™, below are just a few ideas that will keep things fresh in your home or when you’re away travelling…